Wine aromas and fragrances

Thanks to its geographical position and an average altitude ranging between 400-600m, the ancient village of Castelfranci is rich in vineyards capable of producing incredibly fine wines.

The Mediterranean climate, along with the right amount of humidity, ensures the production of the highest quality grapes which fully reflect the company’s philosophy: propagate the excellence of wine production in the Irpinia area.
The Colli di Castelfranci espalier vineyards allow an average yield per vine of three kilos of grapes, harvested entirely by hand and immediately taken to the winery to begin the winemaking process.

Enhancing the primary features of the wine such as quality, typicality and authenticity is the primary objective of maturation; a delicate path that accompanies the wine from fermentation right up to its bottling.

Once bottled, the wine undertakes a genuine biological cycle, going from a youthful phase to maturity in order to complete the process after a long period spent in the Winery.

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