The art of viticulture

Wine has always been an expression of health and joy. Its history is inextricably linked to the close relationship that is established between the winegrower and his land. A bond that also concerns the producers’ ability to convey the territory of origin.

The respect for the vineyards and the ecosystem that surrounds them has been handed down from generation to generation. From the cultivation systems to the pruning, the work to be carried out in the vineyard can be extensive and changes according to the season. Winegrowers need to consistently intervene in order to ensure that their vineyards are lush and healthy all year round.

During the cold months they need to tackle the pruning of the plants by eliminating the unproductive branches, selecting the most suitable ones that will be productive during the following season and identifying the buds for the new year.

In the spring, as the soil awakens, winegrowers will see their vineyards go through a very delicate phase in which they must carefully and diligently handle the vines. It is the time to contain its development by avoiding the risk of unwanted rot.

During the summer, day by day, winegrowers make sure to keep their vineyards healthy, ready to withstand summer storms, draining excess water and keeping the bunches sheltered.

And finally, with the beginning of autumn, during the months of September and October, winegrowers start to admire their crop as it comes to life. During the harvest period, the bunches that have reached an ideal level of ripeness will be collected and taken to the winery, where the gradual transformation of the grapes into wine will take place.

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