The Winery

We consider wine as history and, even more so, culture.

Colli di Castelfranci is a story of resilience. Young people who believe in the immense potential of a wine-growing area where their grandparents and their fathers raised them, united by one great passion: to continue producing wine in their homeland.

The ancient wine-making tradition continues to be handed down from generation to generation in the winery, where everything began.

This is why the maturation of wine still takes place today in wooden barrels, ensuring a slight and constant oxygenation.

We consider wine as history and, even more so, culture. It shines in every ancient tool used by our grandparents who are still present in our winery. Memories of a bygone era that lives on in the present. 

Our fathers’ foresight has allowed us to combine ancient winemaking techniques with the latest modern technologies. We produce refined wines that are the result of a combination of traditional methodologies and contemporary processes.

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